Health and Information Lab at UC Irvine
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Social Media Analysis

Collecting and analyzing social media data to understand users' support needs and citizen's responses to public health crises
Xinning Gui, Tera Reynolds, Mohammad Eletriby, Mayara Costa Figueiredo
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Consumer Health Informatics

Investigating the design and use of health apps and devices, self-tracking tools, and other technologies to improve users' health and patient-clinician interactions
Dr. Elizabeth Eikey, Clara Caldeira, Mayara Costa Figueiredo
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Self-Tracking for Disease Management

Developing a mobile application to promote mental health for patients with chronic illnesses, using interviews to understand patient needs.
Dr. Yu Chen

Sense-Making and Navigational Health

Exploring how patients and caregivers make sense of the complex and fragmented healthcare system and understand how people make sense of public health crises
Tera Reynolds, Xinning Gui, Mayara Costa Figueiredo, Clara Caldeira
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Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval

Developing computational methods to maximize value of unstructured data in health, such as text documents and patent-generated content
Mohammad Eletriby, Lu He
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Decision Support

Improving the design of clinical technology to reduce alert fatigue, a phenomenon in which too many false alerts result in a loss of trust in the alerting system.
Mustafa Hussain